Here’s to 2013

2013 was a year of change- I graduated, moved house, started Form and my internship, friends got engaged, friends got married, my home church got a new rector, my little brother started university.  In amongst these events were the less time-restricted things: I laughed, spent time growing, built amazing friendships, I gave up on holding onto my brokenness, forgave myself, allowed God to take control.

For 2014, I am going to focus on one word.  OneWord365 is a movement of people who, instead of making resolutions that they know they’ll forget about, choose one word to focus on for the year.  I’ve been thinking about what my One Word 2014 will be, and reflected back.  If I had chosen one word for 2013, it would have been a simple four letter word that I see now has guided me through everything.  One word that I have tried to live by, and has shaped everything in the past year.

That word?

It’s found running through this year in its many forms.

Love your friends.

Love your family.

Love your life.

Love yourself.

Love your home.

Love where you are, whenever you are.

Love the LORD your God with all your heart, mind, body and strength.

I’ve spent the year trying my hardest to be guided by the simple word love.  I’ve not been afraid to tell my friends I love them.  I’ve learnt to love who God made me to be.  I’ve learnt to love God more.  I’ve learnt that love makes you stronger, not weaker (thanks Once Upon A Time).  I’ve learnt the importance of celebrating love.  I’ve learnt that it’s okay to want love, because it’s a great thing.  I’ve discovered how to love the people around me.  And I’ve learnt to accept love, from others and from God.  To take down the walls I’ve been hiding behind for years.

2013 has been good to me in many ways, and no matter what, I made it through.  I’m not going to stop living in love next year, but I will have a new word.  One that I’ve picked at the start of the year to challenge and focus me.  I’ll tell you about it tomorrow!

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